Lane Community College Student Nurses Association

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide LCC Pre-Nursing as well as Nursing students with leadership, community outreach and networking opportunities. 

About Us

The Lane Community College Student Nurses' Association (LCC SNA) was established in December 2010 for the purpose of uniting nursing students and providing a formal student-based structure of support for students during their studies at LCC. 

The founding members, Dani, Dave, Leah and Kelcie Grace, realized that students lacked any formal organization that could help them (1) network among themselves, especially between pre-nursing students, first year nursing students and second year nursing students; (2) develop their leadership skills prior to becoming a professional registered nurse; and (3) utilize their collective skills and abilities to better their community. Moreover, LCC was one of the few nursing programs in the state of Oregon that did NOT already have a student nurses' association.

With the full support of the nursing faculty, we are growing as an official chapter of both the Oregon Student Nurses' Association and the National Student Nurses' Association. Our membership is open to all pre-nursing and nursing students at Lane Community College.

In short, the LCC SNA is YOU. Your talents, ideas and energy will help you and your fellow classmates  become competent, employable, professional nurse leaders. Just as important, you will help future nurses reach their potential as well.


Join the LCC SNA today!