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Mucho Gusto Flyer

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Please visit Mucho Gusto Today (9/6) for 25% of the profits go to LCC SNA's trip to Thailand! Print this flyer and bring it with you when you purchase your meal.

Follow our journey to Thailand on FB!

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Just a head's up.. we now have a Facebook site for everything Thailand! If you wanna get or give the latest tidbits, this is a great place to do it. .. Hope to see you there!~

Find us on FB!

Two Reminders

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For those interested in joining us on our trip to Thailand we require that you submit 15 business to us that you would be willing to ask for financial assistance. These 15 businesses must be emailed to [email protected] by August 20th. If you do not turn in these businesses by the 20th you will no longer be eligible to receive support from our fundraisers.

Board members will be voting this month on a deposit of $350 due by Oct. 15th. This will insure the school that we have committed participants and help us when we petition for support. Please keep in mind that this may pass so start saving! As a side note if you do fundraise enough this deposit will be refunded to you!

Car Wash

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If you are committed to joining us on our trip to Thailand you MUST attend the car wash on August 27th from 12-5pm at Les Schwab on Main street & 32nd St. If for some reason you are unable to attend and are still committed to going to Thailand you must provide something to help the car wash go smoothly (i.e. soap, sponges, signs etc.) Please email us immediately whether we can expect you at the fundraiser or not.

We're going abroad!

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Volunteer Trip to Thailand!

Hey everyone! We are so very excited to announce our volunteer abroad location of Thailand! We will be leaving on Dec 7th and returning on Dec 18th. We will be travelling with Starfish Volunteers (Learn More) , which is a small UK based NGO that has been working for years to provide medical attention, English language lessons and much more to the people of Thailand. They have been working very closely with us to hammer out an itinerary that will be mutually beneficial to us and the folks who need care.


The cost per person of this trip is estimated at $2200. This will include program fees, airfare, housing and spending money. This price is of course subject to change depending on airfare changes, but seems to be pretty steady throughout the month of August.

The climate is mild this time of year, with temps around the 80's F, and virtually no rain.

There are no required visas for this trip, and no required vaccines, though some vaccines are recommended.  Click here for more information.


In order to receive funds rasied, we have established ground rules:

1. You must attend every fundraiser we organize, or else have a serious and legitimate conflict.

2. You must submit at least 15 businesses to the SNA email address be approved by the SNA board, and then petition the businesses for donations once they are approved. This will include sending  a fundraising letter, and following up with a phone call or an in-person visit.

3. You must become an SNA member by the first day of school.

4. You must attend all meetings.

5. You must also fundraise individually. The more we can each contribute to our own fees, the better.

As laid back as we love to be, this is a huge undertaking, which requires us to be tough on certain aspects of planning.  If you can pay your own way, you only have to attend meetings.


Please keep up to date with all scheduled activities. Next up is a car wash on August 29th, location TBD.

Contact us! We have much more specific info available.

If you have not recieved our emails, please let us know and we will send them out ASAP.

Kob kun mak man!!!    (Thanks so much!!) :)

We are the Future of Nursing Event

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Newsletter No. 4

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Leadership Positions

On Monday May 23rd LCC SNA will be holding elections for positions in the 2011-2012 Board of Directors. Positions available include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Media Director. These positions are available for all dues paying members. Please understand that while these positions will carry a certain amount of responsibility each board member will be sharing duties to insure adequate time for school. This opportunity will provide professional and peer relationships that can broaden your technical and interpersonal skills, challenge you and enrich your life. Please let us know if you would like your name on the ballot.


Interested in Volunteering Abroad?

Your LCC SNA is in the process of planning a volunteer abroad trip for winter break 2011. We will begin planning and fundraising over the summer. Our goal is to fundraise most if not all of the trip costs. If you are interested in traveling with us please email us so that we can arrange a meeting to begin planning.

Successful Meeting with the Incoming First Years!

Monday the 25th Dani Lang, Leah Smith and Kelcie Grace Collins spoke to the incoming first year nursing students about the importance of community involvement and leadership opportunities that SNA has to offer. Dani gave a wonderful “light at the end of the tunnel” speech encouraging students to maintain family and friend relationships while building new relationships during the years of nursing school. Four members of your LCC SNA members then took the time to hand out fliers and speak to the students individually offering encouragement, support and answering various questions about the program.


Thank you to all who help with this event!

What Have We Been Up To?

Three of the founding members of the LCC SNA attended this year’s ONA convention and had an amazing time! From hob-nobbing with the ONA and ANA presidents to learning what nurses from all across our state are doing to improve the profession and the patient experience, the day was filled with countless inspiring moments. It was the perfect way to be reminded of the world beyond studying and exams, and for us to remember why we all wanted to become nurses to begin with! We will definitely be going next year, and we hope to bring some fellow students along for the ride… See you then! Please visit our website to view pictures.


On April 16th and 17th a small group of your fellow LCC SNA members attended the free clinic put on by Cascade Medical. Members volunteered as “escorts” bringing patients to and from rooms. Together with the other volunteers 362 people received medical care! This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with local organization. Please visit our website to view pictures.

LCC SNA T-Shirts are on Sale Now

LCC t-shirts are now available!

• Volunteering members of LCC SNA will receive a t-shirt for FREE (if you have volunteered and have not received yours place email us).

• If you are a member unable to volunteer but are still interested in a t-shirt they will be available for $5.

• Non dues paying members can purchase t-shirts for $10.

Don’t Forget


As a member of your LCC SNA chapter you could save over $300! How? Well, if you are interested in becoming a member of the Oregon Nurses’ Association after your graduation and are already a member of OSNA you will receive a 75% discount on the membership dues for your first year and 50% discount your second year. That means you pay $32 now you will save over $200 over the next two years. This is applicable to first year AND second year students. This really is a money saving opportunity that you should not miss out on! The Oregon Nurses Association is a professional association and labor union representing registered nurses. ONA’s mission is to advocate for nursing and quality health care. Visit their website for more information.


Chili Fundraiser!!

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Chili Fundraiser

Wednesday April 27th and Friday April 29th



    Building 30 Upstairs Lobby

  • $3.50 for bowl of homemade vegetarian chili and a cornbread muffin. *Bring your own bowl/spoon and you only pay $3.00.
  • $1.50 for one 7 layer bar cookie
  • $1 raffle tickets for:

One of two $25 gift certificates to Electric station


LCC SNA membership

We look forward to seeing you there!


Another Call For Volunteers!

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A career fair is being held in our LAB for high school students considering a career in nursing. We need 6-12 volunteers to show them around, explain SIM, answer questions and show off our skills! Only hitch--Tues/Wed Students preferred as the date is on a Thurs. However, if you are Th/Fr and very interested, let us know and we may be able to help switch your days around.

Takers? You all rock!


SNA Newsletter #3

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Friday, April 8th, 2011   


Mark Your Calendar

·    OSNA Annual Convention: April 13-15th

·    Cascade Free Medical Clinic Volunteering: Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th from 0730 to 1230

·    Next meeting: Monday May 2nd at 1400 location TBA

·    Election Day: May 23rd in the Group Study Room 212


New Member Recruitment: 

We have five SNA members that are very excited to present our chapter at the new student orientation. We are looking forward to a large influx of new members from the incoming first year class.

ONA Annual Convention:

Once again we have a last minute convention!

Where: Double Tree Hotel in Lloyd Center Portland

When: April 13th-15th

Cost: FREE to all dues paying members of LCC SNA

How are we getting there: Car pooling! There are two cars that will be driving up for the Thursday the 14th convention day.

Why go: The ONA states that “With the passage of the Health Care and Education Affordability Act, millions of people have greater protection against losing or being denied health insurance coverage, and better access to primary and preventative care. The implications for nursing practice are enormous, and nursing professionals across the nation need to know more about how National Health Care Reform is going to impact their profession and their practice. The 2011 Annual ONA Convention will focus attention on four key areas of practice that will be profoundly impacted by National Health Care Reform, and these changes will have implications for all nursing professionals.” Each day there will be different lectures and key note speakers and if you attend the convention on Friday you will have the opportunity to sit in on the ONA house of delegates.

If you are interested in attending the convention and/or have any questions and/or would like to car pool with us please do not hesitate to email us. Attached to this email are the convention schedule and convention brochure.

ONA Convention Site


Still haven’t joined? Now joining is even easier! 

Check out our website and click the “sign up” link at the bottom left hand side column. Choose either a one year or two year membership and you will be re-directed to PayPal where you can pay the onetime membership dues (note: a 30¢ fee will be applied for signing up online). Remember the benefits of joining your LCC SNA are enormous:

Opportunities include:

·         Serving our community and utilizing our skills through outreach and volunteer work.

·         Student government with leadership positions available to all students.

·         A bridge between the levels of the nursing program.

·         Allowing for professional feedback between faculty and students.

·         Providing opportunities for seminars pertinent to our careers.

·         Serving as a support system of colleagues and friends.

·         Providing Prenursing students with a look into the world of nursing school.

·         Nursing student conventions locally and national.

·         A Voice in Washington D.C. – NSNA gives students opportunities to become politically educated and involved.


Don’t forget about the discounts and other offers:

·         5% off orders of $25 or more at

·         $10 off purchases of $25 or more on uniforms, books, accessories, and shoes at

·         25% off NCLEX Review Books and products.

·         Scholarships opportunities.

·         Imprint Magazine – Educate yourself on nationwide student nursing topics.

·         75% off first year ONA dues and 50% off second year dues (Most Oregon hospitals require their nurses to be ONA members by becoming a member of the LCC SNA you could save yourself hundreds!)

Sign Up Now!


Over twenty percent of adults in Lane County do not have health insurance.  Community members, physicians, dentists, high school students and everyone between will be connecting people to health care at the Cascade Medical Team Comes Home FREE medical clinic the weekend of April 16-17th

Our LCC SNA is sending 6+ members to help out at this wonderful event. We have enough volunteers this time, but if you want to help at the next event let us know! (As a friendly reminder; volunteer projects coordinated through the LCC SNA will only be open to dues paying members. This will ensure professionalism and organization. Individuals are welcome to initiate their own community service projects without the participation of the LCC SNA)

Thanks Volunteers, and thank Cascade Medical Team for your great work!

What Have We Been Up To?

March 12th four SNA members had the privilege of attending the OSNA Convention at OSU in Corvallis. Seminars included: Woman’s Health, SIM Lab Demonstration, NCLEX Review, Political Advocacy, Humanitarian Nursing, and Emergency Nursing.  Key note speakers included: Michael Bleich (the Dean of OHSU) and Steve Rooney (the ONA President). Kelcie Grace Collins attended the OSNA House of Delegates and was elected onto the Board of Directors of the OSNA.  She is now the Membership Director and is very proud to represent the underrepresented schools outside of the Portland area. This convention was a wonderful opportunity to network with other nursing students outside of LCC and introduced students to various nursing positions and perspectives. Check out the pictures from this event here!


On March 16th and 17th five members volunteered at the Project Homeless Connect. “Project Homeless Connect was a one-day, “one-stop shop” event serving people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  This included people who are in unsafe housing; those are living with a friend or family member; or people living in a car or hotel.  This unique event connected people with essential services such as housing, employment, government benefits, veteran’s benefits, and legal services. The event also sought to help people meet their basic needs by providing a hot meal, access to medical and dental check-ups; and many other services.” Our members successfully aided in the set up and break down of the medical section of the project. Check out the photos from the event here!

Successful Faculty Meeting!

On April 4th Kelcie Collins and Leah Smith gave a presentation to our faculty to let them know what the SNA was up to. The presentation covered the SNA’s short history and our intentions for the future. Most importantly, a bridge was built between the students and the faculty which will allow for professional dialogue and two-way support.


Thanks to the hard work of our members and the survey taken by our fellow students (and faculty), we now have a logo! Even better, our SNA has created a design for a T-Shirt and orders have been placed. As of April 14th, T-Shirts will be available to members and will be required at all future community events associated with the SNA to allow for consistency and professionalism. We are opting not to wear scrubs as they represent Lane Community College not the Student Nurses’ Association chapter. All sizes are available from S-XL, and price is TBD (not to exceed $5) following our fundraiser. Get yours now! Send us an email to place a request for size.


In lab and feeling hungry? Chili-Feed! On four upcoming dates we will be serving lunch for a nominal fee to benefit our SNA and future outreach opportunities, and 10% of all proceeds will go directly to the graduation committee. Exact menu is TBD, but we guarantee it will be yummy AND for a good cause. We want to cut down on disposables as much as possible, so food will be $3.50 if we provide the bowl or $3.00 if you bring your own bowl.


April 27th    1100-1300

April 29th    1100-1300

May 3rd         1100-1300

May 6th       1100-1300

Where:  LCC Health Building 30,  Upstairs Lobby

In addition to lunch there will also be various raffle drawings! This will include a basket of “goodies” (TBA) from Hula B’s as well as a hand-made quilt!

Next Meeting 

Our next meeting will be held on May 2nd at 1400. This meeting will begin with a short discussion of the agenda and will quickly move to an open meeting of sorts. Next year’s first year students will be in attendance and we would like to welcome them by allowing time for question/answer and get to know you games.



A short meeting will be held on May 23rd at 1400. This meeting will begin with an introduction of those that want to take part in the elections and voting will follow. Netti Garner (our faculty lead) will count the ballots and an announcement will be made via email. Positions available include president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and community outreach committee director. These positions will be open to all dues paying members including the incoming first year students. If you are interested in running for a position, have any questions about a position or are interested in a position that is not listed please do not hesitate to email us!