Lane Community College Student Nurses Association

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below please do not hesitate to e-mail us: [email protected] 

What does my membership fee go towards?

Your yearly membership fee is broken down into two different fees:

  • $40/year for the National Student Nurses' Association and the Oregon Chapter
  • a one-time $15 LCC Student Nurses' Association fee

The $15 LCC SNA fee will go directly to the LCC chapter and will be used towards funding community outreach projects, seminars, flyers, and providing new members with LCC SNA t-shirts at a reduced cost.

What are the benefits of joining the LCC Student Nurses' Association?

Opportunities include (and definitely not limited to):

  • Serving our community and utilizing our skills through outreach and volunteer work
  • Student government with leadership positions open to all student participants
  • A bridge between the levels of the nursing program
  • Professional feedback between faculty and students
  • Opportunities to attend seminars pertinent to our careers as well as student nursing conventions both locally and nationally
  • Serving as a support system of colleagues and friends and networking within the local community
  • Providing pre-nursing students with a look into the world of nursing school
  • Having a voice and being able to express it in Washington D.C. – the NSNA provides opportunities to become politically educated and involved.

Did we mention the discounts? They are abundant and helpful!

  • 75% off first year ONA dues and 50% off second year dues (Most Oregon hospitals require their nurses to be ONA members. By becoming a member of the LCC SNA you could save yourself hundreds!
  • Discounted liability insurance through National Nurses' Organization
  • National discount program at Office Depot
  • 5% off orders of $25 or more at
  • $10 off purchases of $25 or more on uniforms, books, accessories, and shoes at Discounts through Life Uniform as well.
  • 25% off NCLEX Review Books and products
  • Imprint Magazine – Educate yourself on nationwide student nursing topics.
  • 20% off at Wyndham hotels (eg. Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnson, etc.)
  • 15% off at Red Roof Inn
  • 10% off at Motel 6

Why fundraise? Where does the fundraising money go?

The LCC SNA will use the money from fundraising projects towards funding community outreach projects near and far, seminars, flyers, etc.

Do I have to be a dues paying member to volunteer with the LCC SNA?

Yes. Your LCC SNA works hard to provide volunteering opportunities around the community. You must be a member to participate in these activities. This will ensure professionalism and organization. Individuals are welcome to initiate their own community service projects without the participation of the LCC SNA.

Why wear matching t-shirts?

The LCC SNA is opting to not wear scrubs to volunteer events for a few reasons: not all of our members are current nursing students possessing scrubs, and not all of our volunteering events are directly medical. Our scrubs represent the LCC nursing program and not the LCC SNA. 

Wearing matching t-shirts will allow for uniformity and professionalism (we will obviously present as an organization).

How do I get started?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Click on the link below and follow the steps provided.


As a dues paying member do I have to participate in all the events?

No. As a dues paying member you are not required to participate in any event, though the more member participation the better! Members are asked to participate in our voting processes.